There are close to one million people working in the logistics field as an entrepreneur or in marketing and sales. Sometimes all three—all at the same time.

Like many others, these professionals have had to adjust to working from home, managing a remote team, and distractions everywhere. Though we crave a bit of normalcy, there are sectors of the workforce that have and will forever be changed.

So we must adapt.

Adapt how we work, learn, and network.

Enter: Freight School Playbook

Freight School Playbook is a membership platform for the logistics industry with unlimited access to courses covering 21st-century digital marketing and sales.

Developed by my team and IDigital Dispatch founder Blythe BrumleveFreight School Playbook is a resource for businesses from small to large to hone in on how they market and sell to their prospective customers, share what makes them unique, and how to continue to upskill in a market that demands the digital approach.

When you first sign up, you’ll pay $45 per month or save $150 by signing up for the annual plan.

No matter what plan your budget allows, you’ll be considered a Founding Member and have instant and unlimited access to courses covering:

  • How to Audit Your Website
  • Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Carrier/Broker Sales Training
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Virtual Presentation Tips
  • …and more!

New courses, templates, and workflows will be added each month from varying skill levels but always relative to the logistics industry.

There’s never been a more affordable product created to help so many logistics and transportation businesses that range in revenue. The services I provide to my enterprise-level clients at Digital Dispatch is what I’m proud to teach heregiving access to industry-specific insight that can be found scattered across the internet but not available in a concise format as you’ll find at Freight School Playbook.

So on September 15th, I hope you join our new community. I have big plans in store for this platform but because I want to see it improve quickly, we’re only keeping the membership signup window open for 10 days. After 10 days, I’m closing new signups and no one will be allowed to join after the 24th of September.

Why will Freight School Playbook close new signups after September 24th?

Because I want my Founding Members to have a choice in how this platform will evolve.

  • If members are getting stuck in a particular course—I want to fix it. 
  • If part of the course or template is confusing—we will help make it more clear. 
  • And if there are courses that our Founding Members believe need to be added sooner than later—we will prioritize them.

Founding members of Freight School Playbook will have a voice and help shape the future of this website.

After those improvements have been made, will we reopen signups later in the yearbut only for a limited time.

Why put a limit on new members at all?

I believe in the power of growing our expertise as a communitynot chasing the next sale. We can only apply that philosophy by using feedback from members like you. Users that signup from September 15th through the 24th will become our Founding Members and be able to shape the future of the platform and take advantage of the low introductory pricing–for the lifetime of their account. 

Below you’ll find a video that covers more on why I decided to launch Freight School Playbook. Or you can listen to a couple of interviews where we touched on the new site more. Those interviews are available at PDQ America’s Trucking for Millenials podcast and Freightwaves’ What the Truck. 

Any other questions, I’m happy to answer during our two launch-week shows dubbed Freight Marketing Mistakes-which you can find more information below along with more Frequently Asked Questions.

Freight Marketing Mistakes: Live Webinars

To celebrate launch week, Digital Dispatch and Freight School Playbook’s Blythe Brumleve is holding two live sessions where she’s detailing the common marketing and sales mistakes people in freight are making.

When it’s going down:

  • Launch Day: Tuesday, September 15th, 4 pm EST
  • Two Days Before Close Date: Tuesday, Sept 22nd, 4 pm EST

What we’ll talk about

  • Where you’re making mistakes in your marketing and sales.
  • Tactics for 2020 leading into 2021.
  • Where you need to be focusing your efforts.
  • Answering YOUR marketing and sales questions.
  • Plus bonuses for live attendees!

Got a marketing/sales problem you need help with?

Make sure you submit that question via our website or by emailing, We’ll pick as many as we can to answer live during the webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this platform built for?

    • Freight School Playbook is built for the overwhelmed marketing and sales departments, executives looking to upskill, and the entrepreneurs wearing a lot of hats. You can purchase one membership for yourself or a handful of seats for your team or department. Each user will have their own ID where they can track their progress course by coursesitewide.
  • What is a Founding Member?

    • A Founding Member is anyone who joins the Freight School Playbook platform during our first launch between September 15th through the 24th. As a Founding Member, they will have the opportunity to help shape how the website evolves, vote on new courses to be added, and more. Plus they’ll be locked into our introductory pricing for the lifetime of their account.
  • Where and when can I sign up?

    • Sign-ups open on September 15th and close on September 24th, 2020. You can signup anytime during that window on the Freight School Playbook website. If you’re reading this outside of those dates, simply join the waitlist to be notified first when new members are able to join again.
  • Should I pick the monthly or the annual plan? What are the pros/cons of each?

    • When I was first starting out as a business owner, I had to measure the benefit of every purchase. And I still do. But I never want to price out the people I’m trying to help the mostwhich are the small business owners. That’s why we have an affordable monthly option in addition to the annual option. You’ll save a little money if you purchase the annual plan but giving both options to potential members gives you and us the flexibility to grow the platform now and longterm.
  • Can I sign up more than one person?

    • Yes! We have added a “multiple seats” option to the checkout process and after your purchase is completed, you’ll be given a code for your team to redeem during checkout and sign up as needed. This will allow your team members the flexibility to train at their own pace and record their certifications/quizzes that are personalized to their own account.
  • What happens after I sign up? What courses will I immediately be able to take?

    • After you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to all of the available courses. You can take them all in a day or space them out as your time allows. They’re also available on-the-go should you want to get a quick lesson in during your morning coffee, a road trip, or while another device is being used.
    • The courses you can immediately take after signing up include:
      • How to Audit Your Website
      • Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy
      • Content Marketing Templates for: Planning, Distribution, and Campaigns
      • Carrier/Broker Sales Training
      • Linkedin Marketing
      • Virtual Presentation Tips
      • …plus more added every month!
  • What happens after I complete a course?

    • Each course is different but everyone who completes a course will receive a printable and personalized certificate showing off that they completed all of the lessons within that specific course. Additional options include testing your knowledge via quizzes, downloading our templates/guides to reference later on and speed up your workflows. You can also retake any of the lessons within a course should you ever want a refresher on a specific topic.
  • When are new courses added to the website? What’s coming soon?

    • New courses and templates are added on a monthly basis with new topics ranging from Setting Up Your Website in a Week, Podcasting 101, Lead Generation, In-House Video Production, and more.
  • What’s the difference between Digital Dispatch and Freight School Playbook? Why two different platforms?

    • Digital Dispatch provides marketing and website services to businesses in the logistics field. Not everyone can afford to pay an agencyespecially during these timesbut we feel passionate that our insight needs to be shared with as many people as possible. So Digital Dispatch has free marketing and website tips available on our website and social media platforms. But Freight School Playbook is for the companies and entrepreneurs who want to handle their marketing and website in-house without paying a pricey agency fee. All of our information on Freight School Playbook is set up in a teachable environment so even if you don’t know anything about a topic like Website Design or Linkedin Marketing–you’ll know all the important information by the time you finish our step-by-step courses–and be able to level up in the future as more courses with greater expertise are added.
  • Who is Blythe and what’s her background in logistics marketing?

    • Blythe(hi, it’s me writing this!) and I got my start in logistics marketing more than 10 years ago. I was an executive assistant at an asset-based 3PL with a sports/entertainment side hustle blog. When my boss found out about my side hustle, he made me the manager of the company’s digital marketing. Ever since then I was hooked. By using my broadcasting and content creation skills from my experience in sports/entertainment, I applied those tactics to the logistics industry and eventually launched Digital Dispatchthe parent company to Freight School Playbook.
  • What’s a coach and how do I become one?

    • A Coach for Freight School Playbook is just like a coach in football. We focus on recruiting only the best teachers who are passionate about helping others and teaching what they know about logistics. As a Coach, they have the opportunity to create courses and lessons that cover their skill of choice and earn a high referral fee for any new members they bring into Freight School Playbook. Check out all of our Coaches here and if you’re interested in becoming one, you can submit your application here.
  • Do you offer an affiliate program?

    • Technically, our Coaches program is a high-commission affiliate program. But we realize not everyone is going to be right for the Coach’s job. So in the future, we’ll open up a standard affiliate program where members can earn passive income by simply sharing their own custom link. You can join the waitlist for that program here with an expected ETA around December 2020.
  • What if I’m not happy with the FSP membership experience?

    • Every annual membership purchase has a 30-day money-back guarantee. For monthly purchases, you can cancel anytime and will have full access until your next payment was scheduled to occur. After that, monthly purchasers will have to wait until memberships open back up to renew.
  • Where can I send my questions and feedback?

    • All Freight School Playbook members will have direct access to me to ask any specific questions they may have. I haven’t formalized the schedule but after the 24th, expect regular private Zoom meetings where we’ll answer these questions on the private show only available to members.
    • If you’re looking to submit feedback, we’re going to have a private page on the website where any user can submit their feedback publically or anonymouslywhichever you prefer. Later in the year, we expect to have our private community platform launched that ties into the FSP membership. It’s here where we’ll foster the Community Over Competition vibe where members have the option for things such as submitting ideas/project for group feedback, help with a specific issue or problem, network with industry colleagues, and more.
  • Why are you closing the signup date on September 24th?

    • Because I want my Founding Members to have a choice in how this platform will evolve.
      • If members are getting stuck in a particular course—I want to fix it, quickly. 
      • If part of the course or template is confusing—we will help to make it more clear. 
      • And if there are courses that our Founding Members believe need to be added sooner than later—we will adjust our publishing roadmap to best serve their needs.

      Founding members of Freight School Playbook will have a voice and help shape the future of this website. After those improvements have been made, will we reopen signups later in the yearbut only for a limited time so we can repeat the improvement+feedback process all over again.

  • When will Freight School Playbook open back up?

    • Expectations are currently set at late 2020/early 2021.
  • Where can I learn more about Freight School Playbook?

    • Check out our website or RSVP to our two live sessions where we’ll talk about Freight Marketing Mistakes as well as touch on how Freight School Playbook can help with your digital marketing and sales goals as we close out 2020 and head into 2021.

About the Author

Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
Creative entrepreneur in freight. Founder of Digital Dispatch and host of Everything is Logistics. Co-Founder at Jax Podcasters Unite. Board member of Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Freightwaves on-air personality. Annoying Jaguars fan. test

To read more about Blythe, check out her full bio here.