Content marketing has EXPLODED in the freight space therefore I’m breaking down some of my favorite examples of both in-house content teams and individual creators.

If you’re thinking about starting or expanding your own content game, these are the first examples where I would suggest looking for website, blog, podcast, and video for logistics marketing examples.

Know of a show I missed? It wouldn’t be the internet without someone telling someone else their list is wrong. So hit up the contact form on the Digital Dispatch podcast page to submit a show you think should be included.

In-House Content Teams

In-house content creation by freight companies has grown exponentially over the last year but which companies are doing it right? Here are a few that I’m a big fan of which you can use for inspiration:


  • Very few companies can compete with the vast amount of information that comes across their software platforms but DAT isn’t like a lot of companies.
  • Their resources page is a content marketer’s dream because it has SO MUCH to filter through but those are broken down by job, feature, products, and content types. If you want to take a look at a good website interlinking strategy that knows what their target audience is looking for, DAT has got you covered.

Dynamo Podcast

  • Dynamo Dispatch is one of the best email newsletters in the industry so it wasn’t a surprise their podcast would also be top-notch.
  • Using interviews with e-commerce tech leaders, founders, and industry trends, Dynamo is proving you can dominate the content game in more ways than one.

GP Transco

  • The Story of Drivers series is one of the best in the industry. I started watching one and was so hooked I ended up binging the entire series.
  • Also, their website is one of the best I’ve seen. If you’re looking for content or design inspiration, especially for thinking outside of the box, this 2020 year in review is exactly what more companies should be showing off.

Flock Freight

  • I know many companies are nervous about starting a podcast or video series therefore if you’re gonna blog, follow the example of Flock Freight. Not only are they creating helpful articles that touch on industry news, but they also incorporate their own perspective, interviews, 101’s, and more.
  • Plus check out the cool way they organize their content. Their categories are shown at the top of the page where users can easily sort through to find the content they want to see first.


  • It’s not a logistics content list without the monster list of shows provided by the Freightwaves team. They’ve single-handedly given inspiration not only to myself but to other creators in this space to have fun with freight and have even more fun with the content you create around the industry.
  • Check out their full slate of shows here and hit up their YouTube channel for daily uploads on the news of the day.

Freight+ (formally Aborn & Co)

  • The company itself has been around for years with an exceptional content game that seems to get better with every post. Whether it’s an industry-leading Consulting Logistics podcast hosted by marketing vet Kyle MacNaught who utilizes the insight power of his coworkers to whiteboard sessions led by the company president Jill Clifford—Freight+ leads the charge when it comes to in-house content marketing.


  • One of the first companies to catch my eye in the logistics content game was and still is K-Ratio. With weekly shows hosted by managing director Kyle Lintner, this is a masterclass of using your own internal expertise to share helpful information that leads to greater brand awareness while converting views into ROI.

Freightpath’s Lord of the Rigs Podcast

  • Not only does this show have the best podcast name in the biz (s/o to my fellow Tolkien fanatics) but their philosophy around marketing, sales, and building a company for a long haul is an example a lot of companies can find inspiration from.
  • Podcast content aside, their website is also one to get some creative juju from. Their home page is super simple to navigate with clear goals and CTA’s front and center—which is a UX dream.

PDQ America

  • PDQ America has one of the best Instagram accounts where they show interesting and BTS images into their company but their Trucking for Millenials podcast is also one of the best I’ve listened to out of all logistics podcasts. They recently debuted a new studio look and added a video component to all shows–which if you know where I stand in content marketing, it’s video should be your FIRST priority.
  • Another cool tidbit is located on their website–they’re prioritizing email signups as well as load board updates via SMS text messaging. Outside of your website, these are the only content distribution platforms you own and fully control but SMS open rates are close to 90%–drastically higher than any other medium.

Trucker Tools

  • I love a good landing page. I especially love it when the content on the landing page is broken down beautifully as Trucker Tools displays.
  • To create a good landing page, you also need the content which Trucker Tools is one of the few companies leading the pack with videos, webinars, case studies, and more all documenting their product, their customers, their stories, and the problems they solve. A marketer’s true example of in-house content created to generate awareness and ROI. You love to see it.

Influencer-Created Content

These shows aren’t necessarily tied to a specific company but rather they ARE their own company building awareness through collaboration efforts:

The Freight Coach

  • Very few folks in logistics are putting out as much content as host Chris Jolly is. His podcasts and videos posted to Linkedin bring a fresh independent approach to the current freight market along with the motivation for other independent creators to follow his lead.

Freight 360

  • One of the many questions I get asked from new salespeople entering the freight industry is where they can find more information on the sales part of the business. Because most brokers are thrown to the wolves, I’ve been diving into (and absolutely digging) all of the sales nuggets from the guys over at Freight 360.
  • Also, their new spinoff dubbed WorkLife360 podcast (iTunes link), cohosted by Rhonda Bompensa-Zimmerman, started this show after completing the video + podcast course on Freight School Playbook! (I’m like a proud podcast mamma over here)

Hold My Beer–We’re Talking Freight

  • Described as “a group of logistics professionals on the front lines who love to innovate and have thought-provoking conversations….while having a drink” is a perfect description for exactly what you get. I tuned in on YouTube for the discussion on contracts and project management tactics and it was one of the best sales conversations I’ve heard in a long time. Request to follow the group on Linkedin here.
  • Honorable mention for Jake Dunlap’s YouTube channel that’s packed with some primo sales tactics.

Logistics of Logistics Podcast

  • Joe Lynch might be the first host of the first industry-specific podcast on this entire list (don’t kill me if that stat is incorrect). As the host of The Logistics of Logistics, Joe was one of the first on the scene in this new content medium and has quite the resume of guests to back it up.

MadGaines with Cassandra Gaines

  • She’s a former corporate lawyer turned badass brand. If you’re not following her on Linkedin, you’re missing out on one of Business Insider’s 100 people that are transforming business. Her YouTube page is probably the best in the industry and each show is packed with value you won’t find anywhere else.

Truck N’ Hustl

Word on the Street 

  • Started just shortly after the COVID lockdowns were initiated, Word on the Street hosted by Trey Griggs is a show that isn’t just for industry news–but an outlet to connect and network with individuals who you haven’t met (yet).
  • In-person conferences may be shut down at the moment but Trey’s show combines a mix of motivation, sports, industry topics with a “grab some beers on Friday happy hour” vibe to it. To RSVP, follow Trey on Linkedin and be on the lookout for his posts to register.

Digital Dispatch Podcast

  • Barbara Walters once said, “if you’re not proud of your work, why should anyone else be?” And now is my moment to share a link to my own content, the Digital Dispatch podcast.
  • Launched in November of 2020, this show has been a long time in the making. I said goodbye to my old sports/entertainment blog to focus solely on this venture and I’d love for you to give it a chance along with all the other shows mentioned on this list.

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