How to Audit Your Website

Before you invest thousands of dollars into your next website project, we’re gonna go through the auditing process we take with all of our enterprise-level Digital Dispatch clients.

We’ll teach you where you need to invest and the mistakes to avoid in hopes to save you a bunch of time and money on your next project.

What we’re gonna be talking about in this Website Auditing course is:

  • The must-have features every website needs
  • 3 Different Aspects: front end, the backend, and the marketing.


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Brief overview

Before you invest thousands of dollars into your next website project, we’re gonna go through the auditing process we take with all of our enterprise-level Digital Dispatch clients along with our own company websites.

We’ll teach you where you need to invest and the mistakes to avoid in hopes to save you a bunch of time and money on your next project. What we’re gonna be talking about in this Website Auditing course is:

  • The must-have features every website needs
  • How to Audit from three different aspects:
    • The website's front end (what your customers/leads see)
    • The website's backend (where you'll need to make any website changes)
    • Your blog and how you're marketing yourself.


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Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to format a Linkedin post or researching what to include in your sales landing page, use our data-driven examples and templates to help your brand convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.
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Remote learning is here to stay. Whether this is for you or your team, you’ll be able to track individual progress and continuously upskill as new courses are added every month.
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Unlike other companies, we teach you based on years of experience. So you know what digital marketing tactics are the most effective while helping you avoid those outdated strategies that are a waste of time.

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Blythe Brumleve

Why learn from me

  • I got my start in logistics marketing more than 12 years ago. I was an executive assistant at an asset-based 3PL with a sports/entertainment side hustle blog.
  • When my boss found out about my side hustle, he made me the manager of the company’s digital marketing. Ever since then I was hooked and eventually landed gigs in sports radio, entertainment television, and more.
  • By using my broadcasting and content creation skills from my experience in sports/entertainment, I applied those tactics to the logistics industry and eventually launched Digital Dispatch—where I help brands build their awareness and shorten sales cycles with digital media expertise from the trenches.


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DigiU, short for Digi University, is built for the overwhelmed marketing and sales departments, executives looking to upskill, and the entrepreneurs wearing a lot of hats. You can purchase one membership for yourself or a handful of seats for your team or department. Each user will have their own ID where they can track their progress course by course—sitewide..
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Each course is different but everyone who completes a course will receive a printable and personalized certificate showing off that they completed all of the lessons within that specific course. Additional options include testing your knowledge via quizzes, downloading our templates/guides to reference later on, and speed up your workflows. You can also retake any of the lessons within a course should you ever want a refresher on a specific topic.
When are new courses added to the website? What’s coming soon?
New courses, workbooks, and templates are added on a regular basis with new topics ranging from Setting Up Your Website in a Week, Podcasting 101, Lead Generation, Recruiting Strategies, and more.
What if I’m not happy with the experience?
Every annual All-Access Pass purchase has a 30-day money-back guarantee. All single download purchases, please reach out to along with your order number so we can best address the situation.
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All Access Pass members will be able to ask any specific questions they may have. When we formalize the season schedule, be sure to check your email inbox for the monthly private Zoom meetings where we’ll answer these questions on the private show only available to members.
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Sheri R. Hinish

Owner and Influencer at Supply Chain Queen
I highly recommend Blythe! She helped me launch my new site and integrated comms strategy, which was a tedious project I put off for YEARS! Blythe was always super organized, professional, pushed me to look around the corner in the design architecture, and on time with deliverables. Every interaction with her exemplified her great understanding of brand strategy and strategic marketing. If you’re considering Blythe for a role or her services, move quickly. She’s a gem and knows her stuff. The line is wrapped around the building folks

Brian Mann

Chief Executive Officer at Armstrong Transport Group
Blythe has been a tremendous powerhouse for the marketing in logistics and has been a voice of power with refreshing tactics and education. Watching her grow from our days working together to her education style of marketing has been truly inspiring to watch and listen to. My Company is proud to have had the opportunity to get direction and validation for our marketing campaign through media, video and material. Listening to her podcast and hearing her many ways on the direction of logistics is refreshing. If you want experience logistics ideas from someone with incredible knowledge, you have come to the right person.

Kristy Knichel

President & Owner of Knichel Logistics
Blythe is an absolute joy to work with. Her passion and enthusiasm for sharing her marketing/communications expertise and transportation knowledge is so refreshing – it makes her somebody who you truly can’t wait to collaborate with. As another woman who has been in this industry for quite some time, I knew immediately that Blythe was a rare talent. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you passed up the opportunity to team up with Blythe. She is amazing.

Tom Augenthaler

B2B Influencer Marketing Advisor
Blythe is an incredibly gifted digital marketer and all-around go-to professional. She's a joy to work with and brings a sense of humor to any project she's involved with. She's been a critical help to me for what I could not do alone - step back and get a clear assessment of my marketing strategy, website plan, and copy. I would absolutely recommend her for your business website needs.

Al Steele

Chief Operating Officer at Hickory Transportation
Blythe is a detail-oriented manager who I never have to worry about micro managing. When something is asked or expected of her, she delivers 110%.

Rick Larkin

President at BCB Transport, LLC
Blythe has been amazing in helping us with our Digital News and with our website. Heck, She is so much more than all of that. She is not afraid to share ways that will make you better!

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