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Venture of Brumleve Brands

Welcome to Digital Dispatch

Founded in 2018, Digital Dispatch creates web and marketing solutions for growing companies.

Company owner Blythe Brumleve spent more than a decade in the transportation and trucking industry; handling the digital media for several companies in the industry before venturing off on her own. After founding Brumleve Brands in 2016, she learned the transportation industry needed its own marketing and web platform built specifically for their needs—thus Digital Dispatch was born.

As business owners ourselves, we know the struggle of wearing several hats to manage the day to day operations of a growing business. Which is why we developed Digital Dispatch as a custom solution that grows as your company grows. Built on the digital property you own, we install an application on your URL to create, fulfill, and analyze everything from your website's performance, content analytics, lead generation, employee/driver recruiting, advertising, SEO, and more to help you track the ROI of your online efforts.

Whether you have three employees or 300, we have streamlined solutions to your digital media and marketing problems.

Digital Dispatch is a Brumleve Brands company. For more information on our parent company, please visit their website.

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Digital Dispatch creates web and marketing solutions for growing companies.