About Blythe Brumleve

10+ years of marketing experience in the logistics industry.

Blythe Brumleve

Blythe Brumleve got her start in freight marketing as an executive assistant working for a large 3PL in North Florida where she would eventually be tasked with handling the company’s digital media strategy. This is where she earned her chops as a marketer forced to do it all with a limited budget around the time when the inbound marketing concept was born. It was this job and a side-hustle blog that earned her eventual roles with a B2B marketing agency, on-air radio talent, and TV talent.

In 2018, she launched Digital Dispatch helping freight companies get online and grow. In addition to being a creative founder in freight, she hosts Cyberly on Freightwaves, is cofounder of Jax Podcasters Unite, and board member of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Check out the Everything is Logistics podcast and follow her on social channels linked below for more freight marketing insight.