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Previewing Manifest: The Future of Logistics 2023

Manifest: The Future of Logistics was first held in January 2022 as one of the first big industry-wide events that made me go, "Wow, this industry actually feels like something modern and fresh." They had puppy lounges, autonomous trucks, rad conference swag, and even a concert by Ludacris. It created a major FOMO event across the logistics industry so when it came time to start mentally prepping for the fall and winter slate of conferences, the Manifest conference for 2023 was already penciled on my must-attend events. All that to say we're proud to welcome back conference chair Pam Simon to tell us what's all in store for the upcoming conference. Register for Manifest: The Future of LogisticsConnect with Pam Simon on LinkedinEverything is Logistics is hosted by Blythe Brumleve, founder of Digital Dispatch where we help freight companies get online and grow. Check out our top shows to fix your website and fix your marketing. Alternatively, you can search by topic and check out all our past episodes of the podcast—right on our website.Connect with Blythe on Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok...

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Transportation Marketing and Sales Association

The Transportation Marketing and Sales Association has been around for nearly 100-years and it's safe to see they've seen a lot of evolution over that time. How does an association continue to evolve especially in the world of digital marketing and sales? TMSA's Executive Director Jennifer Karpus-Romain joins the show to tell us how she’s revamping a nearly century-old association to bring it into the modern age. Check out TMSA Level Up ConferenceFollow the TMSA on Linkedin, Facebook, and TwitterConnect with Jennifer Karpus-Romain on Linkedin and TwitterListen to these shows next: Content Marketing Strategy in Freight5 tips for building your in-house media programContent marketing lessons from Mr. BeastSearch by topic and check out all our past episodes of the Digital Dispatch podcast—right on our website....

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Freightwaves’ Future of Supply Chain with Haley Fazio

Have you ever wondered what goes into the massive production that is a Freightwaves Virtual or Live event? Well, the woman in charge of making sure those events happen joins the show to talk all about it. Haley Fazio is giving us the behind-the-scenes look at what it's taken to move the infamous in-person Freightwaves events to virtual--which will evolve into a hybrid approach. Come May of 2022, Freightwaves is set to bring their first in-person conference back since 2019 and Haley is dishing all about why they chose Rogers, Arkansas as the place to do it. Links from the show: Connect with Haley Fazio on Linkedin and TwitterRegister for Freightwaves The Future of Supply Chain Listen to these shows next: The Power of Curiosity with Tim DoonerFrom Brokerage to Content Creator with Grace SharkeyMaking Sense of Economics and Freight with Anthony SmithThe History of Shipping with Sal MercoglianoContent Creation with The Freight Coach Chris JollySearch by topic and check out all our past episodes of the Digital Dispatch podcast—right on our website....

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Hire Digital Dispatch For Your Event

Specializing in digital media and content marketing, Digital Dispatch and its owner Blythe Brumleve can help your audience take their online presence to the next level through workshops, panel discussions, moderating, and Q&A's.

In addition to providing valuable insight to your audience, we can help with promotion leading up to your event with exclusive interviews, on-site podcasts/videos, social-media-friendly clips, and on-site press interviews.


  • Travel (nonstop, business class flight)
  • Hotel (non-smoking)
  • Booking Fee (starting at $2k USD)
  • On-Site Video/Audio Production Access & Availability (if none is available we can discuss other options)