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Listener Reviews

  • YayaLoveFm,

    Learned so much!

    New to this world and so happy I found a podcast that can help me learn more about this industry. Blyth really knows what she’s talking about! Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • ThunderTreats,

    Unparalleled Passion!

    Blythe has proven time and again that her passion for marketing, logistics and website development is second to absolutely no one. I’m glad she created this platform to pull back the curtain a little bit. Looking forward to the new episodes!

  • MCSamaVII,

    A baller host with great insight

    Glad to hear that Blythe is launching ANOTHER podcast! Looking forward to listening to one of the best minds in the business!

  • Talon282,


    Very smart women and has plenty on of experience to share to help other , u can hear this in the way she speaks on these podcast

  • Juiceboy85or7,

    Great show

    Love hearing how things work. This podcast is one to subscribe to if you want to learn and grow. Thanks for the content Blythe!

  • GuysGirlbb,

    Long time in the making

    I’ve been a podcaster since 2014 and starting this new venture was still nerve racking and challenging but ultimately has been so rewarding! I hope you all will follow me on this logistics journey for an industry that is so important to our daily lives.

  • Baitdog78,

    Great show

    Fantastic podcast and very informative

  • vbrumleve,

    Knows her business

    Blythe goes above and beyond to make sure she has the most current information available to help give you a great experience riding through logistics!

  • nasvsjay,

    One of the best voices in logistic marketing

    Blythe is no stranger to the world of logistics, marketing, or the web in general. Glad to see her launch a new show with more focus on interviews and sharing her professional experience

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  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Sales Strategy
  • shipping-storiesRad shipping stories
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Host Blythe Brumleve covers stories from the logistics pros who are in the trenches of daily marketing, sales, and building a business. From these insights you'll learn how to craft a better story of your own, market the hell out of it, and generate ROI because of it.

Logistics in Disaster Response: Getting Supplies Where They

This episode explores how logistics organizations coordinate disaster relief efforts before, during, and after crises like hurricanes and wildfires. Learn from Emilee Martichenko, the Communications Coordinator at American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), how nonprofits...

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The Future of Freight is Digital: Insights from Cargobot CEO Fernando Correa

This episode features Fernando Correa, CEO of Cargobot, discussing how he is using technology and innovation to simplify freight transactions between shippers and carriers in Latin America, North America, and Europe. He provides insights into market expansion,...

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The Origin of Please Advise Hats and Discord Communities with Reed Loustalot

Reed Loustalot, founder of LOST FR8, joins to discuss building community and technology in freight. He talks about starting the ‘please advise’ hat trend, growing an engaged Discord group, and his vision to enable rapid product iteration for logistics....

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Where Freight Marketing Money is Wasted, Flexport CEO Shakeup, and the Logistics of Christmas Trees

In the latest episode of Freight Friends with Grace Sharkey, we’re talking about the big Flexport CEO shakeup, where freight marketing money is obscenely wasted, the logistics of Christmas Trees, and how rubber duckies taught us about ocean shipping currents....

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Podcast Movement 2023: Key Takeaways for Growing Your Show

This episode recaps the key takeaways from Podcast Movement 2023, one of the world’s largest podcasting conferences. The hosts share actionable advice on growing your audience, building relationships, improving audio quality, leveraging video, and more. Listen...

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Closing More Logistics Leads with Kara Brown [rebroadcast]

Are you looking to boost your marketing game in freight and logistics? Don’t miss the newest episode of Everything is Logistics where host Blythe Brumleve interviews supply chain marketing expert Kara Brown. They dive into proven tactics to generate more leads,...

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