The Power of Curiosity with Tim Dooner of Freightwaves’ What the Truck?!?
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You know him as “Dooner” and probably have heard his name mentioned in some form or fashion amongst logistics media as a whole. And that’s because he’s been pulling a traditionally “boring” industry into the mainstream with his coverage on one of the top business podcasts in Apple~What the Truck?!?

To produce great content you have to be inherently curious at a deep personal level. And then apply that curiosity every day while staying on top of the latest news. Dooner excels at both of these things so it’s not surprising that in just a few years since joining the Freightwaves team, he dominates for every show where he sits down with a microphone.

I finally got a chance to get Dooner on the pod and he does not disappoint. Here are some things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How he set up an interview with Freightwaves CEO and founder Craig Fuller in hopes it would eventually lead to a job offer (spoiler alert: it did)
  • How his experience as a customer, broker, sales, and marketing director helps his perspective when he’s covering the logistics industry
  • Why curiosity is his superpower
  • Out of more than 500+ interviews, learn who is his favorite interview to date (hint: it’s out of this world)
  • Where he gets his content inspiration
  • And on a serious note, how being open with his alcohol addiction has helped so many folks in private deal with their own struggles.

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