Pitfalls and Perks of Working With Trucking Influencers
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Since social media’s inception, drivers have had an incredibly strong presence across all channels. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and now Tiktok, truckers dominate the space.

So with recruiting and retention of drivers within the industry being an issue for a variety of factors, I always wondered why carriers and hiring firms don’t utilize influencers within the industry more.

Now going back to the show topic….the phrase “influencer” might cause you to roll your eyes. But the quote/unquote word “influencer” has always been around and driven decisions we make.

Therefore in this show, I’m pulling two interviews we recently conducted on Cyberly where I got to interview Tom Authenthaler of The Influence Marketer to discuss how businesses can start with influencer marketing. And then we’ve got Wanye Cragg who’s been sharing his experiences on the road as a trucking influencer for years.

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