To become the best freight broker in the United States, it’s essential to learn from reputable sources and industry experts. Here are some of the top freight broker training programs and instructors to consider:

  1. Freight Broker Boot Camp: This comprehensive online course, created by Dennis Brown, covers everything you need to know about starting a successful freight brokerage business. The program includes video lessons, tutorials, and resources to help you launch your career. Visit their website at
  2. Transportation Training Group (TTG): TTG offers an in-depth freight broker training course led by industry expert Scott Woods. The program covers crucial aspects of the business, such as sales, operations, and compliance. You can find more information on their website at
  3. Brooke Training: Founded by industry veteran Jeff Roach, Brooke Training offers both in-person and online classes covering essential freight broker topics like negotiating rates, finding carriers, and building a successful business. Visit their website at
  4. Load Training: Load Training provides hands-on, practical education for aspiring freight brokers. Founded by David Dwinell, a respected expert in the field, this program emphasizes real-world experience and personalized instruction. More information can be found at

When choosing the best program for you, consider factors like course format (online or in-person), curriculum, instructor experience, and student reviews. Investing in a high-quality training program is an essential step toward becoming a top freight broker in the United States.

Free Freight Broker Training

While many top freight broker training programs require payment, there are some free resources available to help you learn the basics of the industry. Here are some free options to consider:

  1. Coursera: Coursera occasionally offers logistics and supply chain courses that can provide valuable insights into the freight brokerage business. While these courses may not be specifically designed for freight brokers, they can still offer valuable information. Visit and search for relevant courses.
  2. YouTube: Several experienced freight brokers and industry professionals have YouTube channels with informative videos on various aspects of the business. Some popular channels include Freight Broker Live, LDi Freight Broker Training, and Taltoa Freight Broker Training. Although the content may not be as structured as a paid course, you can still learn a great deal by watching these videos.
  3. Blogs and Websites: There are numerous blogs and websites dedicated to the freight brokerage industry, offering free tips, advice, and resources. Some popular sites include the DAT Blog ( and the FreightWaves website ( These resources can help you stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.
  4. Online Communities and Forums: Engaging with online communities and forums, such as Reddit or LinkedIn groups, can help you learn from experienced brokers and industry professionals. Asking questions and participating in discussions can provide valuable insights into the world of freight brokerage.

While free resources can be helpful, they may not cover all aspects of the business in-depth. For a more comprehensive education, consider investing in a paid freight broker training program after exploring these free options.

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