Learning from reputable sources and industry experts is essential to become the best freight broker in the United States. In this guide, we’re going to list some of the top freight broker training programs and how to avoid potential course scams.

Warning signs that freight broker course is a scam

It’s never been easier to create content online, and with that ease comes the ability to create information that may not be the most reliable.

There are tons of freight broker courses taught by folks who have never moved freight, so in this roundup, I’m listing out the things you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to getting freight broker training that isn’t a scam.

  • If the instructor makes promises of riches very quickly, it’s a scam.
    • If you’re new to brokering freight, you’ll likely spend a lot of time tracking loads, customer service on loads that have already been booked, and pricing strategies. It may take months of this on-the-job training before you’ll actually start moving loads.
    • OR the reverse will happen, and the brokerage will sit you down and hand you all of their cold leads, and you’ll have to make cold calls until your ears are numb. Only slightly joking here.
  • If the paid course is a funnel to under someone else’s MC when your training is complete, it MIGHT be a scam.
    • It will be important to research the person or company offering the course. Find out the brokerage name and do a quick internet search. Do they have a company website? Do they have social media profiles? Do they have company email addresses? If they have all of these things, it’s less likely that they’re trying to scam you. BUT IF THEY DON’T, search for the top 3PLs in the country, find one that is located in your city, and go interview with them to see if this could be a good fit for you. If it looks like a good fit, the company will provide you with free training and you’ll learn a lot quicker working in that environment.
      • REMINDER: DON’T SIGN ANY NON-COMPETE. Popular legal guy in logistics Matthew Leffler explains why in this episode.
  • If the website you’re purchasing from doesn’t have any verifiable reviews, is a one or two page website and doesn’t have related social media accounts linked.
    • Always do a deeper dive on their socials. It will show how serious they are about offering education on a long-term basis and not just trying to sell you a course for the sake of it.

Free Freight Broker Training Sites

While many top freight broker training programs require payment, there are some free resources available to help you learn the basics of the industry. Here are some free options to consider:

  1. Freight360’s YouTube Channel
  2. Brandon Scott’s YouTube Channel
  3. Reddit’s FreightBrokers Group
  4. Everything is Logistics’ Freight Broker Training Podcast Episodes

Freight360 and Brandon Scott also offer paid courses, but if you’re just getting started or want a casual understanding of the industry, their free videos on YouTube are PACKED with information that will save you a lot of time and headaches down the line.

The others listed include Reddit, which if you’ve never been on their site is more of a forum/text experience. Be sure to check the rules of the group and do a quick search of previous posts to see if your question has already been answered. Pro tip: anyone named “Vlad” in the group is likely going to troll you at some point should you start posting/commenting to the group–which is all in good fun provided you’ve read the group’s posting rules.

Last one is our own website here on Digital Dispatch. I figured I’ve been talking to industry experts long enough to compile our freight broker-specific episodes in one landing page and a dedicated category for our podcast, Everything is Logistics.

Paid Freight Broker Training

While free resources can be helpful, they may not cover all aspects of the business in-depth. Consider investing in a paid freight broker training program after exploring the free options for a more comprehensive education. Here are the companies developing premium education by folks who are highly respected in logistics circles:

  1. Sync Logistics Training
  2. Luminaries Consulting
  3. TIA 
  4. Accredited Colleges (I’d suggest working at a freight brokerage before taking this paid route, as a lot can change in this industry, and the pace of change is faster than most universities can keep up with)

Freight Broker Training and Marketing From Industry Leaders

Navigating a new industry and trying to upskill in a constantly changing environment is challenging enough–so if you’ve made it this far, I assume you want to learn more.

For folks who are in existing freight sales roles or a freight agent, you might like our new resource guide, Freight Agent Trenches which includes stories from other freight agents looking to level up.

Or enjoy this mashup podcast episode with some of the industry’s top leaders talking about the world of brokering freight and our dedicated 3PL category for the latest episodes.

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