Freight Broker Training That Isn’t a Scam
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A couple of weeks ago I was on a call with a prospect who was looking for help with her marketing. 

She had paid for a freight broker training course where she would be able to work under the company’s MC # when the training was completed. Only when she was done with the training, the course owner ghosted her and she was left without a pathway forward. 

This was heartbreaking because very few people can afford to drop a couple grand on a training course that doesn’t lead to an actual job. So I posted about it to Linkedin and mannnnnnnn, the freight community really came through. 

Within a few hours, I had people from all over the US reaching out to help a woman they’ve never met but knew she genuinely wanted to get involved in the freight industry. The community came through by offering up contacts and resources to help her and it was also a reminder about my friends Ben and Nate over at Freight 360. 

You see, they’ve actually done the hard work of creating a legitimate freight broker course. It’s so good that they’ve secured training partnerships with the TIA and other industry leaders. Not only do they offer the course, but they consistently offer sales training to keep your educational journey moving in a good direction. 

All that to say, we’ve got Freight 360 co-host and co-founder Ben Kowalski on today’s show dropping a ton of gems on what prospective freight brokers need to know before they purchase a course, what sales strategies brokers should be implemented in 2022, what marketing can do to help sales teams, and so much more. It’s a valuable conversation for everyone just starting out to those looking to upgrade their game. 

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