Content Marketing Ideas From These Top 3PLs [best of]
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In today’s show, we’re doing something new where we pick the best interviews from the industry’s thought leaders and create a mashup of these episodes so you can listen over a period of time. That way if you want a crash course in say….autonomous trucks or what shippers want out of their 3PL partnership, you can listen to one long-form episode instead of having to dig through our library. 

All of these episodes are from within the last year, so hopefully, the insights from these folks will help you map out what your next year looks like.

Guests are from these episodes: 

00:58  6 Logistics Marketing Trends After TMSA’s Annual Conference

22:57  How the Top 3PL’s Treat Digital Marketing

34:38  Freightvana’s Sales and Marketing Tips for 3PLs

01:08:33 How Rocket Shipping Tackles Content Marketing

01:33:55 How Odyssey Logistics thinks about global marketing strategy

01:59:47 TikTok for 3PLs with Logistoks

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Blythe Brumleve
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