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Since the beginning of industrialization, logistics have played a crucial role in the rapid development of every industry. Its importance lies in that logistics increase efficiency and productivity among businesses that aspire to be at the top of their turf. Thus, companies need to have high considerations when building their logistics department.

In a few decades, logistical operations have evolved from as simple as delivering things through cart by land to an all-encompassing system that utilizes the land, sea, and even the skies—freight transportation. As a logistics company, how will you maximize the transport of goods, especially with the global events that have happened recently?

In this episode, we have invited Thomas Wasson. He is an Enterprise Trucking Carrier Expert at FreightWaves, focusing on news commentary, analysis, and trucking insights. Before that, he worked as an Account Executive at aifleet, Arrive Logistics, and for 5 years in the U.S., focusing on fleet management, load planning, freight analysis, and truckload network architecture, Xpress Enterprises Inc. He earned an MBA in 2020 from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and a Bachelor of Political Science in 2013 from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Today, he discusses the world of freight, how the supply chain has evolved over time, how trucking companies can enhance their operations, and supply chain facts.

Episode Timestamps:

[00:36] – How Thomas started

[04:51] Supply Chain Business

[07:39] – The Rail Strike Issue

[11:17] – Technological Advances

[12:59] – Must-Have Software for Trucking Companies

[14:19] – Favorite tech that has appeared in the FreightWaves Tech Top 100

[15:29] – Favorite part of the job

[16:19] – Supply chain fact


“The reason we see labor digging in right now is because of automation, and they see the direction it’s going. Thus, you try to survive by analyzing how you work with this technology while keeping your job.”

“If you’re treating your people poorly, they don’t want to work the job. Therefore, you have to raise the benefits or other things to make it more attractive.”

“Because the status quo is not working, you got to pay drivers more, your equipment costs more, and your fuel costs more. Something’s got to get cut, and the customers ask for less.”

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