Content Marketing Strategy in Freight
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In today's episode, I'm sharing a conversation with two of the best creators in freight–and also previous Digital Dispatch podcast guests, Chris Jolly and Nick Dangles. 

Jolly and I were asked by Nick to join his series on The Logistics of Marketing to talk about what goes into our content process. 

It's a candid discussion on how we started, how we reinvest and continue to evolve—plus how we think about content marketing in the world of freight.

Follow Kinectic, the hosts of The Logistics of Marketing, on Linkedin to find out about future live events like this one. 

About the Author

Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
Creative entrepreneur in freight. Founder of Digital Dispatch and host of Everything is Logistics. Co-Founder at Jax Podcasters Unite. Board member of Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Freightwaves on-air personality. Annoying Jaguars fan. test

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