Eric over at Specialized Logistics is like a lot of 3PLs–they launched a website within the last few years, shot a few videos, and even tried their hand at some social media advertising.

But after spending more than $5,000, they honestly didn’t see much from any of those efforts. And I can speak from personal experience that THAT feeling can be really demoralizing.

Now flash forward a bit and Eric ended up reaching out to book a call with me, where we got to talk about:

  • Setting up your website flow before you invest in content or advertising
  • Finding the time to create content and managing it within the daily business operations
  • Tackling SEO even if you’re not a big company
  • How to know where to spend your marketing budget and efforts
  • Brainstorming what to talk about on social media AKA where your audience is already hanging out

Listen in on my call with Eric for this new AMA series as we address some of the struggles for 3PLs as they’re looking to attract new customers, recruit drivers, and run their business without completely losing a good work/life balance.


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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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