Getting good graphics and video for your brand is tough work–especially in the trucking industry when a lot of the marketing follows the same copy-cat model. But the managing partner of Texas Media Foundry James Crowley is hoping to change that. He knows a little something about this line of work as trucking videography and photography is what his company specializes in.

In this interview, we’re talking with James about the power of captivating graphics, the challenges of growing on social media, and how to actually take a good picture of a truck that stands out from the rest. All this plus more on the latest episode of The Digital Dispatch podcast presented by Freight School Playbook.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why James has logistics artwork hanging in his office
  • How one trucking company is using video and graphics to their advantage
  • Challenges of growing on social media
  • The types of graphics/equipment you need to invest in
  • What you can shoot yourself vs. when to hire a pro

Watch the video or listen to the podcast version (website only) of this show:

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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