In the dynamic world of logistics, success stories are not just about numbers or contracts won; they’re about challenges faced, relationships nurtured, and the relentless drive to innovate and adapt. Here, we dive into the narratives of several independent freight agents who have carved a niche for themselves in this industry.

The Power of Relationships – Tynan Guthrie

In the logistics world, relationships reign supreme. Tynan emphasizes the significance of creating a rapport with customers, ensuring they feel valued and understood. He says, “…they make you feel right at home… I’ve got the gift of gab and I like to talk… I like working with my customers. And I like to give my customers that homey feeling and that support…”

The Recurring Business Model – Dino Del Grosso

Dino, an agent with SPI logistics, hails the power of passive income in the freight industry. The idea is simple: win a customer, move their freight, and they’ll keep coming back. Dino shares, “You get a customer, you move freight, and then they move other freight and just keep calling you. It’s like a recurring thing.”

Embracing Technological Advancements – Steve Burroughs

For Steve, success came when he embraced the latest technological advancements. Opting for a robust TMS program and aligning with a company that was on the cusp of launching new software proved beneficial. “The TMS we chose was a big factor; how quickly they pay and back office support are good,” he remarks.

The Strength in Backing – Bradley Clarke

Bradley Clarke highlights the importance of having robust backing in the freight industry. While the initial investment might seem hefty, the long-term benefits, especially when carriers recognize and prioritize your loads due to a solid market presence, can be significant. Bradley states, “You have to have a presence in the market… Armstrong, right now, is like an 800-pound gorilla… they’ll look at my load before they’ll look at somebody that doesn’t have that experience.”

The Business Model of Efficiency – Armstrong Transport Group Panelist

One panelist from the Armstrong Transport Group points out the cost-effectiveness of partnering with established entities. Rather than bearing the brunt of multiple departmental costs, having a consolidated service can save considerably. The panelist mentions, “It would cost way more than the 20-25% to provide all these services… All I focus on is sales and booking loads. That’s the key to growing your business.”


Success in the logistics world is a blend of strategy, relationships, technology, and adaptability. As these independent freight agents have demonstrated, the path to success requires persistence, a keen understanding of the market, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their stories serve as a beacon for aspiring agents, illuminating the path to success in the intricate world of freight logistics.

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