While you’re scoping RFQ’s for the spot market, do you engage carriers via traditional channels like email, SMS, and phone?

Maybe they like emails. Or texts. Or perhaps they prefer to get a call directly.

No matter the preference of communication, it can be a nightmare managing the spot request process. Which is one of many reasons why I enjoyed chatting with Eric Rodriguez of Vendorflow so much. He’s new(ish) to the logistics scene and spent the majority of his time *listening* to the problems he can solve with software—especially ones that can save time & effort when communicating with carrier partners and that create reporting insights on carrier partner relationships. Their first tool is a Chrome extension that can expedite & streamline the process for requesting rates & capacity from carriers when the spot market is hot and your customer is waiting.

Check out the interview below to learn more about Eric and how Vendorflow is trying to make your life easier:

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