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Freightwaves held their first-ever Carrier Summit last week and per the usual, it was packed full of insight from great speakers.One standout for me was the keynote given by Phillip Stutts of Win Big Media—who had one of the most impressive talks I’ve ever witnessed. Filled with insight on how to adjust your marketing and recruiting message, the data analytics firm had the below insight to share:

  • 88-percent of users will abandon a website if it’s not mobile-friendly and those users will never return.
  • 50-percent of all purchasing decisions are coming from 3rd party referrals (think testimonials, reviews, etc.) If you’re not marketing to referrals right now, you’re not doing enough.
  • 84-percent of all purchasing decisions are made because a high-quality engaging video has been included on the website or an email. See the middle of this email for some industry-specific examples of video marketing.
  • Compared to March, four times as many Americans think life will never be the same. Americans are getting more nervous and scared; and if you’re not adapting to understanding what they’re going through with your marketing, you’re making a mistake.
  • Buyers right now (just like most people) are only making buying decisions based on needs—not wants. Everyone is cutting their budgets and you have to message to potential buyers in a way to make them feel safe and that you’re looking out for them.

Hit up the agenda section on the Freightwaves website to watch replays of any of the talks, including Win Big Media. Or you can watch recaps of the entire day from What the Truck:

[worth] scouting report

Also as an FYI—can you believe NFL games are as little as 3-weeks away?!

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