In our Freight Marketing Mistakes webinar, I talked about how asking for testimonials is a crucial part of any business. But many carriers aren’t proactive about requesting these so there are times when negative reviews seem to come more often than the positive counterpoints.

Well, one company hopes to change all that with their new platform aiming to be the one-stop shop for brokers and shippers to review carriers based on industry best practices. Carriers are able to create a profile page with their insurance and contact information as well as build out their service offerings, preferred lanes, equipment, and more. Using these reviews, brokers and shippers alike can save time sourcing more qualified companies while carriers can focus on creating long-term relationships with authentic feedback–good and bad.

Learn how this startup came to life and where they plan to head in 2021 with host Blythe Brumleve as she interviews Rob Light, founder of Carrier Source.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why getting authentic reviews is missing in the freight industry and how Carrier Source helps to solve that.
  • How they make sure all reviews are authentic from brokers and shippers so that only the businesses carriers have worked with are able to submit a review (instead of a shady competitor/rival going to Google or Facebook).
  • How carriers can challenge a bad review or untruthful reviews.
  • Why Carrier Source encourages positive or constructive reviews vs. reviews left out of anger.
  • Methods for carriers to respond to negative reviews in a constructive way.
  • How carriers can secure their own profile with equipment, insurance information, preferred lanes, etc…

Where to find Carrier Source:

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Blythe Brumleve
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