On the latest episode, host Blythe Brumleve talks about Facebook getting fined an insignificant amount of cash (for them) for inflated video-views by as much as 900 percent! Learn how to avoid the disaster of putting your eggs all in one social media basket with some takeaway tips. Also on the show, the difficulties of losing a big client, Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge, podcast insight, fighting fake news, CNBC business videos, and content marketing software on the latest episode of ‘The Scouting Report’.  

‘The Scouting Report’ Show Notes:

In a brand new show, I dive into what Bonjour with Blythe is supposed to be about: the wins, losses, and lifestyle around being a present-day entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, freelancing and entrepreneurialism are not all working out of coffee shops and taking insta-friendly vacations. There are real challenges (and tears!) involved with running your own business. But there are also a lot of perks; which I hope to share both sides of the coin in this twice-monthly Scouting Report show.

Don’t worry–if you’ve liked the content I’ve done over the last nine months, that’s not going anywhere and will continue to be published on this feed. I simply needed a place dedicated to a business/marketing focused show where I write, record, and publish all myself. I’ll also mix in a few Jaguars related topics (read: gripes) here and there too because ya girl needs a creative outlet.

Check out the timestamps to each segment below along with links to stories discussed:

Facebook Fined $40 Million Dollars Over Inflated View Counts [intro]

  • Facebook got caught being untrustworthy. Again. But this time they’ll actually have to pay. It just only accounts for 16 hours of total work to cover the fine. Wonder what Vox Media or College Humor could do with that kinda cash tho?
  • Important to note what actually counts as a view on these platforms. So we dive into that plus more takeaways that won’t cost you millions of dollars to learn.

Losing a Big Client Sucks [19:54]

  • Why is it always right before a vacation your clients go insane with demands? Well, my biggest decided to throw a wrench into my whole plan the night before my vacation. Here’s how I’m handling that financial loss but gaining some mental clarity.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sets the Bar High for All Theme Parks [29:34]

  • Disney World is known for their imaginative parks, resorts, restaurants, and lands. But the new Galaxy’s Edge sets the bar too high to reach for other theme parks.

What I’m Reading/Watching [47:35]

What’s Coming Up [01:02:44]

  • It’s time to practice what I preach. Which is why I have a renewed focus on my content strategy and Coschedule is gonna help me manage it allllllll.

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