Aaron Dunn is the sales and marketing director for PDQ America and cohost for their popular ‘Trucking for Millennials’ podcast. As a former outsider turned insider, Aaron’s journey into the trucking industry has been built on gathering a deep understanding of the audience he’s trying to reach without attempting to sell them to death.

In fact, the popular podcast has been around for over a year now and rarely requests anything from its audience.

In this interview, Aaron explains why a brand-first approach is intentional on their part, the perceived ROI of podcasting, the power of the internet for freight sales, and avoiding the pre-post purgatory before publishing your own content.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Balancing industry talk and watercooler conversations in your marketing
  • Aaron’s experience as a podcaster before he joined PDQ America
  • Avoiding the pre-post purgatory of publishing new content
  • How the Trucking for Millennials podcast got started
  • How podcasting has affected the company’s operations and elevated their internal staff
  • The power of the internet and how it can help sales with their research
  • Things Aaron hates: Linkedin post tagging, messenger bots

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