The Puppy Interview with Matt Barr of GEODIS' e-Logistics Brand
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Depending on your affinity for dogs, you may want to hit pause, check the show notes, and open up the YouTube link to watch this particular episode instead of listening. 

Why? Because I'm joined by Matt Barr- Senior Director of Product Strategy at e-Logistics, a GEODIS brand and we're conducting this interview while half a dozen puppies crawl all over us. 

Yes, I did just say that puppies were crawling all over us during this entire conversation about the growth of e-commerce and how the e-logistics brand was established under GEODIS to cater to entrepreneurs in need of a logistics and software solution customized for them. 

You see, we conducted this interview live in Las Vegas at Manifest: The Future of Logistics conference. There was an area on the expo floor complete with a puppy lounge where Manifest partnered with a local humane society to bring in puppies each day of the conference to give folks an area to decompress from too much peopling. 

A brilliant sponsorship idea that GEODIS was smart as hell to seize the opportunity. 

It's a fun conversation that I think we hold together pretty well considering my normal reaction to this moment would be to forget any conversation and focus on puppy breath. 

All that to say you can listen to this audio version or you can check out the show notes for a link to the youtube version that has said puppies crawling all over us. Same convo just with puppies.

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