Locomation Explains How Lidar in Trucking Works
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This is our 4th episode talking about all of the new technology in trucking–especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles. 

But what's the story behind what's powering the ability to use these trucks on highways without sacrificing safety? 

A key aspect to getting more autonomous vehicles on the road to help with supply chain challenges is a technology called Lidar–which I've known about for a while because of the possibilities and discoveries made while using Lidar in archeology. So I was really pumped to see it being used in trucking

Locomation’s COO Glynn Spangenberg was kind enough to join me live while at the Manifest conference and gave us a breakdown of how lidar systems are being used on their autonomous truck–which the company says can dramatically increase capacity, improve asset utilization, and lower costs for the supply chain overall. 

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