The Logistics of Calypso Lemonade
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Are you a big lemonade person?

What about juice in general?

Well if you fall into either of those categories or just a fan of company success stories–then I’ve got a good one for ya today with the logistics of Calypso Lemonade.

In this episode, John Jares, COO of Calypso Lemonade joins the show to talk about the growth and transportation strategy of the 20-year-old brand.

Check out some of these other fun facts from the Calypso team:

  • In June, Calypso reported a more than 50% sales increase during the first half of 2021. These numbers follow a record year of explosive 62% growth in 2020 and come on the heels of a successful 2019 for Calypso, which saw a 33% growth and category-leading sales velocity in its core line of flavored lemonades.
  • Calypso Lights are now being sold in more than 7,000 outlets nationally with distribution building daily– are available at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Wawa, and more
  • Calypso is now the second largest player in the shelf stable lemonade category, representing 75% of category growth, surpassing Lipton Brisk

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Calypso Lemonade Company Overview

The original, and now famous, Calypso Lemonade recipe was created in 1985 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by the owner of the King Juice Company. The idea was simple – make an authentic, delicious lemonade made with real lemons and real sugar. We made the lemonade in small batches and delivered it locally on the company truck. Through the years, our Original Lemonade grew in popularity. Bolstered by the response to our lemonade recipe, and inspired by the fruits, flavors, and spirit of The Islands, our Original Lemonade was given the name Calypso and grew into four lemonade blends. Today, Calypso Lemonade has evolved into twelve unique Lemonade combinations, four Limeades and four Lights – all of which are based on our Original Lemonade recipe. Each Calypso flavor is produced with a focus on quality – using real fruit and natural flavors.

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