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What a Shipper Wants [best of]

In today’s show, we’re doing something new where we pick the best interviews from the industry’s thought leaders and create a mashup of these episodes so you can listen over a period of time. That way if you want a crash course in say….autonomous trucks or what...

Study Reveals Marketing Ideas That Shippers Won’t Hate

One of the top-three podcast episodes we’ve ever published was a 2020 study revealing the tactics sales teams need to adopt to approach shippers. The reason this episode was so popular is that it’s one of the few resources carriers and brokers have with...

What a Shipper Wants with The Produce Industry Podcast

What a Shipper Wants with The Produce Industry PodcastMost of us in shipping know how complex the busy produce season can be. Which is why many freight brokers go above and beyond to try to reach those shippers. In this episode, we're talking with citrus farm...

The Logistics of Tequila

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we took the time to dive into some fun facts about the logistics of tequila and are now giving it to you for summertime enjoyment. Learn where it came from, how the agave plant is harvested, how to pick out quality tequila and why you should...

The Logistics of Calypso Lemonade

Are you a big lemonade person? What about juice in general? Well if you fall into either of those categories or just a fan of company success stories–then I’ve got a good one for ya today with the logistics of Calypso Lemonade. In this episode, John Jares,...

The Logistics of Racehorses

The Kentucky Derby has always been important to my family and when I left sports radio shortly after founding Digital Dispatch, I was excited to dive into the logistics side of sports. This video was a fun one to research so below, here is the research I collected and...
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