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Carbon is often seen as a dirty word when it comes to the desire to save the planet but what if we could utilize that source to create a cohesive environment from the soil to the animals we eat and the air we breathe? That’s the concept around Regenerative Ranching and Doniga Markegard is hoping to bring awareness to the idea that carbon doesn’t have to be our enemy. 

In Netflix’s documentary Kiss the Ground, many viewers were given their first glimpse of how the human species can utilize regenerative farming practices that takes carbon from the air and replenishes to where it’s needed most: our soil. Creating an environment where the soil and animals are biologically conditioned to thrive, farmers like Doniga are using technology to create a cohesive ecosystem on their ranch to avoid the negative side effects factory farming has on our planet. 

In our chat with Doniga, she’s breaking down how she got started as a regenerative rancher and how cattle can be good for the environment by mimicking nature to restore carbon in the soils and promote biodiversity.

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