Telling Founder Stories in Freight with Nate Shutes
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It takes a special kind of person to start a new venture. Whether it’s a podcast, new business, with VC funding, or without, taking a leap of faith requires a certain amount of fearlessness that create some of the best stories. The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Logistics is hosted by podcaster Nate Shutes and on today’s show, he’s breaking down the process of starting his own show and the common threads he’s able to weave together by talking to so many founders in freight. 

Episode Timestamps:

00:45 – Looking Back at Podcasting Journey

02:05 – Common Themes

04:15 –  New School of Logistics Entrepreneurs and How They Collaborate

07:26–  The Big Catalyst for Focusing on Founders

09:03 – The Mental Health Aspect of Being a Founder

14:30 –  Mastering The Art of Interviewing

18:13 –  Learnings and Things Left to be Learned

20:35 – Encouragement



“There’s nothing more attractive than a person who’s found their purpose. So many of these founders found that. Even getting to be in the passenger seat and help share their story with a broader audience is a huge privilege.”

“They’re just people[founders]. They may have some extraordinary abilities and have taken some significant risks. But they are still people that are no different than anybody else. “

“If you’re passionate about something yourself, and you’d like to have a show, nothing stops you from doing it.”

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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