Healthier Choices for Truckers with Mark Manera
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I don’t think I have to tell y’all that trying to eat healthy on the road is a challenge. Now imagine your job is to be on the road. All. The. Time.

You have little body movement and when you do have to move around, the work is strenuous.

That’s what our nation’s truck drivers are facing on a daily basis and it’s time we start addressing it.

In this episode, we’re breaking down a new focus for our nation’s truck drivers–diet and exercise on the road.

That’s why I invited Dr. Mark Manera on the show. Having spent extensive time in health and wellness, he switched his focus to truck drivers by offering solutions to eat healthier and get workouts in while in your truck or standing outside of it. Drivers are able to access an app that tracks their goals and companies are incentivized to offer it as an overall benefit to joining their company.

It’s a great discussion on something that has a direct impact on our nation’s drivers that also has a direct correlation to keeping them on the road and our stores stocked with merchandise.

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