Cold Calls and Content with Cargo Margo
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In this episode, Cargo Margo, the sales director at NFI Industries, talks about her reason for starting a show and its return on investment. As a sales director, she also talks about her typical day, the evolving relationship between marketing and sales, and the platforms to choose when starting a business from scratch.

Episode Timestamps:

00:33 – Deciding to Start a Show

02:10 – Tips or Takeaways Working with a Coach

02:53 – Behind the Scenes Planning

05:30 – Advice on Starting a Linkedin Live Show

06:21 – Dealing and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

07:54 – Favorite Interview

08:57 – The Return on Investment

09:24 – A Typical Day for a Director of Sales

12:42 – The Relationship Between Marketing and Sales Evolving

13:56 – Core Passion Project

15:26 – Things That Prevent from Starting a Show

16:27 – Cold Emailing and Cold Calling

18:49 – Favorite Creator Within Freight 

20:04 – Platforms to Choose When Starting Business From Scratch

21:06 – Social Platform to Try


 “I always think there are areas I need to improve, which is true. But to just relax and wallow in the gratitude, or where you’ve come in that journey, helps me to settle back down and get a grip on things.”

“Each guest has significantly changed my life. To be able to connect with someone that’s an industry expert, to leverage their expertise to make changes in your life, and to be able to show that to your community is everything.

“Relationships are not just done behind a keyboard. You have to meet someone in person.”

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