Where is the logistics industry headed?
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There's a lot of doubt running rampant in the markets but as logistics professionals–staying on top of those moments that can shift consumer behavior can mean the survival of your company. And what better way to stay on top of those shifts than to hear insight from some of the top companies like Loadsmart, Drive My Way, Transfix, and Knichel Logistics. 

The executives in this episode include: 

This conversation was recorded live at the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association in Orlando, Florida in June of 2022 with insights around: 

  • How each company is approaching recruiting and retaining top talent within the company
  • How to maintain processes and vision when everyone is shifting how and where they work
  • Getting more budget and resources by building a business case for the CEO to invest
  • How sales and marketing roles within each company are evolving and becoming more strategic

It's a great panel so S/O to the TMSA for letting me moderate and allowing me to share that insight with you today. You can learn more about the TMSA by visiting: https://www.tmsatoday.org/

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