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Your freight website has the ability to be a single line of communication to your target audience.

Take full advantage of this powerful digital platform by following our insight on how you can turn your website into a competitive advantage. 

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Website and Marketing Must-Have’s for 2022

Planning for your business goals, especially the marketing of those goals, can become overwhelming really quickly. And with the pace that our digital world has rapidly changed–it can be tough to know which tactics and tools to invest in and more importantly, which ones to steer clear from.

That’s why I’m bringing on one of my good friends, Kyle MacNaught, who’s the director of marketing over at FreightPlus, to talk through our marketing and website must-haves for 2022.

How To Stop Annoying Your Website Visitors

When we build online, the last thing we want to do is annoy the very people we’re trying to attract. So in today’s show, we’re talking about the ways you’re annoying your website visitors so you can create a pathway to conversion.

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The Most Important Thing You Can Add To Your Website TODAY

“How did you hear about us?”

It’s a simple question but how many of us can answer what top two channels our customers heard about or follow us in?

But what if I told you that adding a simple question to your website form or sales process will have the largest impact on how you’re choosing to spend your digital dollars?

How Freight Companies Should Treat SEO in 2022

The holidays are a time where most office work slows down–rightfully so.

But it’s also an opportunity to catch up on some content and strategies when you have the extra bandwidth.

One of those strategies is SEO—also known as search engine optimization.

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The Costly Mistakes You’re Making With Your Website

One of the cool things about launching a podcast is you get connected with other podcasters fairly quickly—especially those who are in the same industry as you.

That’s what happened when I joined Adrian Chapman, host of the Recruiting Stories Podcast, and we got to dive into how I got started in the logistics industry, the mistakes most companies make with their website, and the lessons I’ve learned the hard way in my marketing career.

Marketing and Website Design for Small Fleets and Owner-Operators

Fleet owners face the near-impossible task of starting a business while competing with behemoths. You’re wearing multiple hats, trying to run your business, get customers, learn all of the new tech coming into the space, and now you’ve gotta build a website and market yourself too?

It can seem daunting. But in this segment, Blythe Brumleve of Digital Dispatch is going to break down the must-have website and marketing tactics every fleet owner needs in their digital survival kit.

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Cybersecurity Basics Every Company Should Have

I shouldn’t have to tell you that cybersecurity is a growing concern in the logistics industry ~especially as veteran companies make the digital transition for most of their business processes~ but every day there seems to be a new cybersecurity issue affecting numerous parts of the supply chain.

But since we do have to have this reminder, who better than Dan Foster of Stratus Grid to break it all down for us.

Your ‘book a demo’ process is probably broken

Everyone wants ya to book a demo. But a good marketer gets a user to book a demo because they actually WANT to–not because a Facebook ad told them to.

In this show, we’re going to use real-world examples of some industry-specific “book a demo” options so you can get a feel of what’s working in modern logistics marketing–and what isn’t.

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Getting more women into Web3

NFT’s, crypto, and the metaverse—yep we’re talking about web3 again.

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with one of the co-founders of VenusVerse–which is an online educational platform, incubator, and NFT collection dedicated to getting more women into the Web3 space.