NFT’s, Futurism, and Fascinating Start-Ups with Nasjaq
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I love talking to brilliant people. And despite what you may have heard about nothing but dancing videos on TikTok, some of the most brilliant people I’ve stumbled upon on that app are educators talking about futuristic concepts. 

That’s today’s guest in a nutshell because we’ve got one of my favorite creators in Nasjac coming on the show.  It's one of those episodes where I feel like a 5th grader asking super basic questions but kudos to jack for making me not feel like an idiot while asking them. 

Should we use algae to reduce our carbon footprint? He talks about it. 

Should we go to Mars or Venus first? Nasdaq covers it. 

How can NFT’s be used in the business world? He talks about that too. 

It’s a fun conversation that covers a lot of ground so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did…

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