If you’ve watched my videos or listened to my podcast, you know I’m a big believer in creating valuable content. And part of creating valuable content is the potential community you can build around your business and brand.

Nearly two years ago, I co-founded ‘Jax Podcasters Unite’ as a passion project with the idea independent broadcasters could collaborate face to face with tips, challenges, and constructive feedback. Since then our North Florida community has grown into a quarterly meet-up with a Facebook group of over 200 local podcasters covering a wide variety of topics.

Photography by Toni Smailagić of Cre8Jax

If you watched my ‘Truth About Content Marketing’ video then you’re aware that creating great content and ultimately seeing results from it will take time and investment. And you still might not see positive (monetary) ROI. But by creating consistent content on a regular basis without the immediate payoff will be the reason people (and ultimately businesses) will gravitate towards you.


Because you spent that time sharing your expertise thus building trust with your potential customers. The podcasting medium is no different than everything else you’re doing in the digital world. Whether you have 5 listeners or 5,000, you are creating a platform of expertise and/or entertainment that can continuously be built upon.

Never forget people do business with people. And if you find yourself chasing that next sale after sale, stop to ask yourself how you could be improving the community you’re hoping to gain attention from. What insight can you offer them that could best solve their problems? Because in an attention-based economy, we are only as valuable as the people we build around and build with.

That’s the central vision behind our podcaster meetups is how as a rising tide, we can lift all sails. Hoping you take this small but mighty group growth as a reminder of your own community you can build with a little investment and patience.

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More photos from our 1st quarter meetup by the wonderful Toni Smailagić of Cre8Jax:

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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