Samples + Upgrades

These are all samples meant to show the range of capabilities your website can have now and in the future. All of these products can be customized to fit your needs and branding.

RSS Partner News Pages

  • Use a list of your favorite websites, partner companies, or a combination of the two by automatically importing their content to a news resource page on your website–serving as the go-to source your audience craves. 

Company Courses & Training

  • With a growing remote workforce, you need to be able to maintain communication and training for the company, safety, and overall productivity of your team. Using our platform, we can build a custom and advanced learning system with courses, quizzes, and honorary badges for completion.

Case Study/White Paper Download

  • Stop wasting money on printed folders and instead entice unknown visitors to take that next step with your company by offering valuable content in exchange for their contact information. By doing this you can then modify your sales approach based upon lead interactions. 

Private Employee Pages

  • Give employees and drivers a home base for all their company needs to include the latest blog updates, health insurance information, ability to scan/send documents, info about rewards programs, and more. Promote the page publicly or keep it private with password-enabled upgrades.

Available Job Board

  • Control your job application process by bringing interested applicants right to your website. Use our pre-built Job Post templates, searchable listings, and an Online Application Form built right on your website. Then you’ll know how sites such as Craig’s List and Facebook are helping your recruiting goals.

Website Analytics & Reporting

  • Do you ever wonder if your website visitors are reading your blogs? Clicking your phone number or social accounts? Or visiting your services pages? Our Google Goals/Events integration and reporting upgrade are the first steps toward visitor engagement and insight.

Shipment RFQ

  • Customize your quote process with a modern looking RFQ tool.
  • Choose from a variety of distances, commodities, and more.
  • Once done, the user and your sales team will both receive a copy of the RFQ; allowing your team to follow up as needed.

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