Organize Your Content Marketing With the KLT Method
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Do you struggle with what to post and why?

Maybe this framework can help…

The KLT method is a content marketing framework to take big ideas and turn them into an actionable plan.

How does the concept work?

Think about how often you post, what you post, and what category it would fall into these:

  • 70% of your content is Knowledge
  • 20% of your content is about what your brand Likes and what Life is like
  • 10% is about Trust (AKA vulnerability)

This gives your audience a good idea of the insights they can expect:

  • to learn from you
  • what makes you tick
  • how you've learned the insights you're about to teach or help them with

By using the KLT method it will help shape your storytelling into something that’s useful for your customers while also showing off how you and your company are different.

Keep in mind this is a framework for channeling ideas and putting those ideas into buckets of action for your social, email, etc…It can even help with your website copy.

I break down the reasoning for this formula and framework into today's episode to explain it a little more. 

Hope this all helps to organize those thoughts!

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Blythe Brumleve
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