Marketing Data That CEO’s Won’t Hate
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We’ve all been there–we’ve generated a report from a martech tool that makes us look GOOD by showing how many likes and comments the latest Instagram or Linkedin post got. And for a while, the novelty did matter. But as marketing has evolved and buying habits have changed, our education of what modern marketing is should evolve with it. 

That’s our main topic for this week’s episode of Cyberly of creating a marketing report that CEO’s won’t  hate–but it’s the work you put in before generating the report that will drive the success or failure of that insight. Also on today’s show we got Danny Goff from DriverReach helping us to understand the tools we need in our arsenal to combat the recruiting and retention part of the driver shortage. 

Finally we got Anthony Vitiello from PCS Software breaking down how to use AI to help manage all of the data within a TMS platform to make it actionable along with hosting one of the industry’s first in-person conferences post lockdown world. 

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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