How to Get Attention in 2022
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It’s a common phrase in sales to say “the riches are in the niches.”
But what if I told you that the same can be said about marketing?
In this episode, I’m going to break down some recent studies that can help you not only reach your target audience on the platforms they’re already hanging out–but also how to use their own verbiage to earn their trust and keep their attention in 2022 and beyond.



Below are the actual notes I use to record live episodes. Please forgive any grammatical errors but hopefully, you enjoy the behind-the-scenes research of what I use to broadcast live shows.
At its core, I believe marketing is about listening first and solving problems second.
So as you continue to build out your 2022 plan for getting attention, let’s remember some key aspects:

  • Plan 6-10 interviews with your current customers. Then do the same for prospects by sitting in on sales or demo calls
    • This will give you the ammo you need to tackle the next steps: 


  • You should absolutely be building your digital media presence in two ways: 
    • On a platform you own (email, your website, and a podcast)
    • On rented land (social media)
  • The platforms you have the highest chance of getting noticed organically are Linkedin and TikTok
    • Start off my listening first. 
      • Focus on connecting with industry-related accounts
      • Engage (comment, like, and share) on accounts in your industry that you admire 
      • Pay attention to what’s working for them
        • Is it a text based post? Image? Video? 3rd party link?
      • What kind of content do they post?
      • Who is interacting with those posts? 
        • Connect with them too. 
    • This will give you a good expectation of folks who are active on the platform
      • Not necessarily those who just have a job title and checked once a month

Next step: 

  • Then make a list of 3-5 content buckets you want to focus on
    • Using your customer/prospect research
    • Plus what’s working already on social media
  • This gives you a good framework to work with

And the reasons you want to do all of this? Well these big pieces of news:

  • Ad budgets being disrupted so influencers and getting on camera is becoming more important 
    • With the introduction of Apple’s new operating system, the tracking ability of Facebook has plummeted. So ad agencies are scrambling to try to lower the ad spend that has ballooned since Apple’s shift
      • More than 80% of folks opt-out tracking now that Apple has implemented it. 
    • Also makes the case for putting money to guarantee content distribution–and not for lead generation. 
  • Tiktok becomes the most popular domain of 2021
    • Tiktok is now the number one domain in the entire world. Even over Google which (not exactly sure but it’s assumed here) that it includes Search, Gmail, Photos, Maps, News, etc…
    • One side of it is privacy of course. But for creators, it’s where the most creative people on the internet are living and breathing. 

Here are some of my favorite stats from the study: 

  • 71% of decision-makers say that LESS THAN HALF of the thought leadership they consume gives them valuable insights
  • 83% of a typical B2B buying purchasing decision is done through researching and ranking of options before a buyer ever engages with a provider. 
    • Reinforces the need for your website and social media presence to do the heavy lifting for you
  • 77% are interested in hearing from deep subject matter experts delving into specialized topics over senior executives speaking to high-level business issues

And finally, now that you’re armed with this data…

  • Know it’s going to be slow at first. 
    • Organic marketing, not paid, is playing the long game. 
    • And it takes time to train the algorithm to what you want to see and what you’ll be posting
  • Be obsessed with the right metrics. Not the vanity ones. 
    • I would much rather 12 qualified prospects engage with my content than 12,000 people who are never gonna buy from me

Combining customer conversations and listening before you ramp up posting to social media will help you hit the ground running with the attention you want—-from the right audience.

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Blythe Brumleve
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