How Fantasy Football Saved Yahoo
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Fantasy football has been around since the early 60’s when initial rules were invented by Oakland Raiders staffers and a reporter. 

By 1989, over a million people took up the hobby. 

Hell, even when I first started playing in our decade-old fantasy league, we calculated our scores by hand using the Monday morning sports page.

But did you know that it’s because of fantasy football that has made Yahoo stay relevant far past its prime?

A quick recap of the company which is essentially all you need to know: 

  • In the late 1990s, Yahoo was poised to become the biggest name in tech
  • They had a chance to buy Google twice–and didn’t make it happen
    • Also had a chance to purchase Facebook!
  • Their revenue peaked in 2007, shrinking each year ever since
  • But to their credit, they were very early to the portal scene–which is similar to what AOL offered as a “gateway to the internet”

But the company is still around to this day and a big reason for that is fantasy football. In this quick episode, we’re breaking down how that all came to life. 

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