Creating an Ethical Company Culture
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Emily Miner is a senior advisor for LRN Corporation, an E&C advisory and education company — 50% of their clients are in the manufacturing space. They focus on ethics and compliance but have broadened to do fascinating research on how manufacturers can create more sustainable cultures that build employee loyalty and entice people to choose to work in the industrial space.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, 2.1 million jobs in the industry could go unfilled by 2030. This underscores a stark reality: There’s a growing labor shortage that extends well beyond the pains of the pandemic. 

A few takeaways from their research:

  • There's a big disconnect between management and production employees: The biggest area of concern is that production employees feel more pressure to achieve short-term objectives, even if it means acting unethically 
  • One in three employees surveyed observed misconduct in manufacturing, which is actually slightly less than the overall average across other industries
  • Corporate employees and production team members differ greatly on their comfort level in speaking up on misconduct: 74% of corporate employees in the manufacturing space would be comfortable reporting unethical behavior to a manager while only 57% of production employees
  • A Pandemic Paradox exists. While management heralds frontline employees as heroes, line workers aren’t feeling the love 

In this episode, Emily is helping to break all these data points down in hopes that more businesses, enterprise and SMB's, can learn how to start and monitor the happiness level of their employees to help retain them longer and avoid continuous hiring issues. 

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