5 – Why You Should Be Protecting Your Social Media Content
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TikTok’s rise in popularity isn’t without controversy.

Some of that worry has been orchestrated by other big tech jealous of that growth

Others are worried for more geopolitical reasons.

But for a lot of creators, like myself, Tiktok has been far and away the most enjoyable app in years.

Especially during COVID–where it forced me to learn video editing on the fly and challenge myself on a new platform.

I’m not alone as the app has skyrocketed in growth–and because the company’s owner, Bytedance is located in China, that obviously creates some issues like getting banned by the US government.

So as content creators what do we do? How do we protect ourselves and the content we’ve spent a lot of time and energy on? Listen to the latest episode as host Blythe Brumleve dives into the strategies.

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Blythe Brumleve
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