Next to October, March is considered the best sports month on the calendar. It’s also a collective reason to get together at the local bar and talk trash about your friend’s favorite team. So when sports are canceled for a global health crisis like we’re experiencing with Coronavirus, many companies are going to have to make the ‘work from home’ accommodations a lot quicker than anticipated.

As someone who both loves sports and working from home, I decided to scrap the normally planned podcast in favor of sharing my best work from home tips.

Tips + Links Mentioned During the Video

  • Zoom Video Conferencing: Yes, this is the one with the face filter. Also great for conducting your podcasting interviews too!
  • Marinara Pomodoro Method: here’s a link to the Chrome browser extension that I use.
  • Brain.FM: the scientifically proven background music that helps with productivity. You can use my referral link and try it out for freeeeeeee.
  • I also started a thread on Twitter asking businesses who are planning to go the remote work route and tips to improve the process. There are some quality replies that include security setups and VPN access that could prove useful to any business taking this plunge. One of the biggest simple but effective takeaways? Buy a hotspot and stop downloading coupons on the internet.
  • Working out at home with no equipment: there are plenty of videos to be found on YouTube but here is a link to one of my favs. 

BONUS TIP: Invest in a Project Management Tool

Something I’ve mentioned on previous shows is using a project management tool like I use this tool daily and would not be able to handle as many projects and freelancers as I do without it. It’s an essential part of my workday but as with any new software tool, it’s essential to know a loose plan of what you’re work processes look like. Then and ONLY then will a new tool like this be able to help.

They even have some great templates to get started such as managing your team remotely with the added bonus of free accounts to all nonprofits during this Coronvirus pandemic.


The best answer to a growing panic is to get educated. Don’t be like those anti-vaxxers you read and shake your head at on Facebook. Instead, hear from medical professionals who have studied infectious diseases their entire lives like Michael Osterholm who was a guest this week on Joe Rogan.

Watch the entire thing and encourage all of your friends and family to do the same. Then stay updated with the latest news and health advice from one of the best channels on YouTube, Healthcare Triage.

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