Prepping For Cybersecurity Threats
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Every day it feels like we hear about a new cyber security attack affecting every part of our daily lives and how we work. But how are companies treating security threats and what can we do to prevent future attacks? Cybersecurity expert James McQuiggan joins the show to break down what we do for prevention and how to recover quickly when, not if, a cyber-attack affects your company.. 

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question ideas after State of Cybersecurity twitter space with 

  • colonial pipeline was caused by an old employee login that wasn't canceled and was 3 days away from bringing the US economy to its knees 
  • ransomware attacks are down because of sanctions– nicole perlroth who use to cover cyber chaos at the new york times
  • private security vs. government protection. is there collaboration there or is it "you're on your own"
  • 85% of our public infrastructure networks are in private hands so the government relies on these private companies to help and alert them. historically there hasn't been a lot of sharing between public companies and the gov but that's changing 
  • Log4J vulnerability
  • What are you focusing your attention on cyber security-wise in the next 6-12 months?
  • Is SMS authentication good anymore with "sim swapping?"
  • How dangerous are our regular accounts like Netflix, social media, door dash, etc…Use different emails for different sites? Long complex passwords? Two factor authentication that isn't SMS?

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