Running into a creative block is a given with most career choices. But trying to overcome a creative block while you’re dealing with uncontrollable global stressors like COVID19?!?! That just seems like the cruelest double whammy–which most folks are dealing with right now.

Suffering through it myself, I wondered how are creative blocks started and how can you move past them?

I share some tips on how I’ve been coping with overworked stress + global pandemic stress to work past my creative blocks in hopes it might help anyone else facing this same conflict.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video of the latest episode below:

Tips + Links Mentioned During the Video

And because Gandalf should be a beacon of hope to anyone. Here’s one of my favorite quotes where he talks about the simple and everyday acts of kindness and love that keeps the darkness at bay.

Keep looking for the helpers. Keep hope alive. Do something nice for someone else. And be nicer to yourself.

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