Leveling Up Your Freight Sales Strategy

This episode features a discussion between Blythe and Holly LaBoda from “Logistics Luminaries Live!” focusing on leveling up freight sales strategy. Topics include bridging the gap between marketing and sales, leveraging content creation for customer...

How Relay Payments Fights Fraud and Fosters Relationships

In this episode, Blythe discusses fighting fraud and the value of great customer service with Meghann Erhart, EVP at Relay Payments. She emphasizes customer service rooted in empathy, honed through over 15 years in the industry and firsthand experiences with drivers....

Freight Marketing and Sales Strategies to Close Out 2023

This episode features a conversation with Blythe Brumleve,  Bill Priestley, and Kevin Hill about marketing and sales strategies for freight companies to survive 2023 and thrive in 2024. They discuss approaches like focusing on customer needs, picking the right...