Migrate your existing website

Get back on the right track

Take the headache out of managing your website

  • Take your site from good to great. Our Managed Website Services turn your WordPress website into a time-saving, secure, and optimized machine operated by the Digital Dispatch team.
  • After an initial kickoff call, we migrate your existing website to our tech stack and ensure all of your marketing software is properly integrated.
  • Our team manages the maintenance side of things and schedules regular performance reporting so you know where you stand.
  • Digital marketing consulting is included with your purchase.

3pl training

Stay ahead of the game without the headache

  • Sleep better at night knowing your website is safe, updated, and secure.
  • Monitor your site’s performance and loading time before it becomes a problem.
  • Assign our team to help with an unlimited number of updates to existing website text and images.

Stress Less – Focus More

  • Helping you by managing the boring and annoying parts of owning a website
  • Includes SSL certificate/authentication, CDN for faster loading times, performance scans, daily backups of your website, security/threat protection, and downtime monitoring.
  • Avoid paying costly developer fees because you forgot to update WordPress.
  • Guaranteed delivery of contact form requests made on your website.

freight broker training
3pl training

Gain an Education Edge

  • Ensure that all of your marketing software and sales tools are properly integrated and serving a purpose.
  • Website traffic setup and ongoing reports to gain a better understanding of how visitors are interacting with your site.
  • Bonus educational courses/podcasts/videos to improve your content marketing, social media, SEO, and more


Whether you're migrating an existing website or need to create a brand new one, our team can get your company site up and running in as little as a week. Starting at a $3000 one-time purchase, we give your brand a strong foundation built to scale.


Modern Website Design + Images

Social Media & Martech Integrations

Website Text/Image Updates

Analytics, SEO, and Lead Reports

Ongoing Website Management

Bonus Logistics Industry Education


Once your new site is launched, our team will handle all the admin, backend, maintenance updates and more. Plus you'll get access to all Digital Dispatch's Premium Content Library with courses and templates to supercharge your marketing.

Monthly Yearly
Annual Plans Save 10%
Starting at
Website Ops
Wordpress, Theme, and Plugin Updates
SSL Certificate
Website Hosting & Backups
DDoS Protection
Up/Down Time Monitoring
Website Speed & Image Optimization
Cloudflare CDN
Website Text/Image Updates

Most migrations are easy to complete however we must note due to the size or complexity of your setup, additional migration costs may apply.

Marketing & Sales Ops
Google Analytics 4
Google Search Console
3rd Party Integrations (Hubspot, Salesforce, TMS, Email Marketing, etc...)
Premium Wordpress Themes & Landing Pages Library
Aggregate Social Media Landing Page
Monthly Lead Reports

Your sales team doesn’t have to operate on an island. By using an established flow or starting from scratch, we create the pathways on your website so leads have an easier time getting in touch with your account reps.

Already creating a podcast or YouTube videos? We can integrate our award-winning process for automatically turning that content into blog posts and landing pages on your website.

Education & Strategy
Premium Marketing/Sales Content Library

Every plan gets to see ROI dashboards. But for businesses running extensive ad campaigns, email marketing, social media, and more, we can create customized dashboards to measure those ROI intricacies from a variety of data sources.

Whether you’d like once a month, once a quarter, or annually, our team can establish a regular cadence to brainstorm new ideas, analyze what isn’t working, and do more of what is working.

Starter Growth Book a Strategy Call

Available Upgrades

Additional setup/integration fees may be required. Must be on a Starter, Growth, or Enterprise plan in order to claim.


How Hosting & Maintenance Works
How Hosting & Maintenance Works

Much like your truck or car–a website requires regular maintenance and service updates to perform properly. But few companies include this level of service when creating your website. Hell, even fewer companies
will help you update your website after launch.

Not Digital Dispatch.

With our Legacy Website Bundle, it’s ideal for those who want a worry-free solution to their website maintenance, need to make occasional website updates, and want to learn how to get started with digital marketing.

In other words, we help you get on the right track and stay there.

See a full breakdown of our plans here

Benefits Of Our System

Take your website from good to great

Our Managed Website Services turn your WordPress website into a time-saving, secure, and optimized machine operated by the Digital Dispatch team.

You can focus on your business while we focus on keeping your website updated

Too many people build a website and then forget about the updates necessary to keep it running optimally. That’s why Digital Dispatch handles the boring but required website maintenance and security patches to keep your website running smoothly so you can focus on running your business

Build a strong foundation for your digital brand and business presence

We build all of our websites on WordPress for a reason–it’s the most flexible solution on the market which is why nearly half the internet runs on a WordPress ecosystem. The software is affordable and flexible, and your site is built to grow as you grow.

Add new tools and automations as you grow

Take advantage of the Digital Dispatch Website Upgrade Store. Products include a Driver Automation Website Application, Sales Meeting Automation, Podcast/YouTube Automation, and more products coming to our growing web store.

Get access to your website’s performance on a regular basis

The only stats that should matter on a website are conversions. So with every website we build, we include free Google Analytics and Google Search Console integrations. This means you can know how your website is performing and also how you’re ranking in the search results.

On-going training and marketing insight from logistics pros for logistics pros

You could spend weeks researching logistics marketing training on YouTube and then HOPE you’ve been given some solid advice. Or you skip the BS and follow our library of free content from the top minds inside and out of freight.

Free Clarity Consulting Session Included

The Digital Dispatch Clarity Consulting session uncovers patterns in your website and helps you identify gaps in your infrastructure and content strategy. It is the first step to giving your organization a clear roadmap for change and growth when it comes to your digital marketing goals.

Gain clarity on your website, marketing, and sales goals.

Uncover patterns in your website and help identify gaps in your infrastructure and content strategy.

Technical audit of your website to measure speed, security, and optimization.

What social media accounts you should (and shouldn’t) be focusing on.

High-level Content Marketing plan with topic focus, strategy, and categories.

Auditing the visitor flow and how it translates to your business goals.

Whether it’s a website redesign or strategizing a content marketing plan, we can optimize and implement tactics to shorten sales cycles and help your company thrive in the digital age.

The first step to giving your organization a clear roadmap for change and growth.

Get back on the right track

Migrate your existing website

Migrate your existing website

$975.00 one-time fee

$90.00 / month for managed website services

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