Getting Creative With Your Live Events Merch
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Live and in-person events are coming back in 2022 with a vengeance and so is the swag companies are choosing to invest in. Catch up on the most creative sponsorships and merchandise given away at Manifest: The Future of Logistics conference that took place in Vegas just a couple of weeks ago. This plus a deep dive conversation with one of Freightwaves’ smartest on-air host, Anthony Smith. 

All this along with two great in-person conversations with Brad Garrett of Gatik and Matt Barr of GEODIS’ e-Logistics brand.

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
Creative entrepreneur in freight. Founder of Digital Dispatch and host of Everything is Logistics. Co-Founder at Jax Podcasters Unite. Board member of Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Freightwaves on-air personality. Annoying Jaguars fan. test

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