3PL Stories with Mary O'Connell
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In our ongoing road series, Blythe sits down with FreightWaves creator and host, Mary O’Connell at The Future of Supply Chain conference.
Mary was a freight broker for years who joined FreightWaves and created the show and email newsletter, Check Call. In this episode, she shares her journey into freight, the wild 3PL stories she gets to share, and even how her sister is exploring the logistics of brine shrimp.
It’s a super fun conversation with one of the most interesting creators in freight.

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About the Author

Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
Creative entrepreneur in freight. Founder of Digital Dispatch and host of Everything is Logistics. Co-Founder at Jax Podcasters Unite. Board member of Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Freightwaves on-air personality. Annoying Jaguars fan. test

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