Making Your Subject Matter Experts Shine
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When a business decides they need a new website or want to start a new marketing campaign, most marketers will suggest starting with gathering insight from the experts within the company–also known as subject matter experts. 

But how do you put these SME’s in a position to give you the insight you need to do your job? Kyle MacNaught of Freight+ is helping us to break down his tactics used in real world situations to help you get the information needed to make your company shine. 

Also on the show we’ve got some reality TV drama and how you can take those brand safety steps needed to fight back as the mob swarms. Plus Marcus Cooksey from is shining a light on where most carriers should be paying more attention: their back office accounting. 

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
Creative entrepreneur in freight. Founder of Digital Dispatch and host of Everything is Logistics. Co-Founder at Jax Podcasters Unite. Board member of Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. Freightwaves on-air personality. Annoying Jaguars fan. test

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