Global Marketing Strategy with Oddysey Logistics
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Most logistics companies are blessed to have one person in charge of marketing. But at Oddysey Logistics, their marketing department is not only thriving–but growing. That’s why we’re excited to have Eileen Curran, Oddysey’s VP of Marketing Communications, on the show to talk about how the company embraces storytelling and evolving strategies in order to increase brand awareness around the company’s global initiatives. Whether you’re a one-person marketing team or on a growing team like Eileen, there are lessons to be learned at every stage of the journey that can hopefully be applied to your own strategy.

Cyberly is hosted by Blythe Brumleve and covers B2B marketing, the attention economy, and how it ties into the world of logistics. Airing every Thursday at 2pm ET, you can follow the podcast on Spotify and Apple while catching the video replays on FreightWaves TV.

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